About us

The law firm TMLD – Torreão, Machado & Linhares Dias Advocacy and Consultancy holds its headquarters in Brasilia-DF and acts in several areas. Featuring seasoned lawyers both in litigation and consultancy area, our team values the technical and objective work realization. The Office assure to the clients the thorough and specific analysis of the claims, by mapping the peculiarities of each case.


Our main scope of practice is Political Amnesty and Human Rights; Associations, Unions, Collective Law and Third Section; Administrative Law and Constitutional Law; Civil Law and its ramifications; Civil Servants and proceedings in the Brazilian Court of Auditor (TCU); Corporate Law and Business; Superior Court and Civil Procedure.


To assure the highest quality services, our lawyers dedicate to frequent research about the practice areas and the firm’s interests. The follow up of the cases are constant, straightforward and diligent.


The Office is always available to the clients to clarify questions about cases, requests and general inquiries. Contact us and get answers to your questions.


The TMLD Advocacia adopts important practices of socio-environmental responsibility.

Monthly, TMLD provides financial support to the following charities: Associação Pequenos Corações, aimed at children with heart disease; Vila do Pequenino Jesus Foundation, responsible for caring for people with special needs; Médecins Sans Frontières, a humanitarian organization supporting international health.

Members of the office also come together to donate to blood banks and provide ad hoc aid to other entities that perform relevant social work. TMLD targets all the dry waste produced for recycling, adopts rationalization of the use of materials capable of generating waste and planting trees, in order to contribute to a better world.

Aware that law is an instrument capable of creating a more just and peaceful society, the members of the Office consult the population and entities, in general, to resolve doubts and encourage the prevention of legal problems. Contact us and tell us what your legal problem is.

The practices adopted by the office Torreão, Machado & Linhares Dias were registered and approved in the Innovare Prize, which aims to identify, disseminate and disseminate practices that contribute to the improvement of justice in Brazil. Four lines of practices of shared value were adopted in our law firm: 1 – legal (solidarity consultation); 2 – financial (support to care entities); 3 – health (donation of blood and marrow); and 4 – environmental (seed and seed spread).