Attorneys at the Supremo Tribunal Federal – STF (Brazilian Supreme Court), Superior Tribunal de Justiça – STJ (A high court above the State Courts in Brazil); Tribunal Superior Eleitoral – TSE (the highest court for electoral proceedings); Superior Tribunal Militar- STM (The military high court in Brazil); Tribunal Superior do Trabalho – TST (The employment court in Brazil). This area involves specific techniques for greater success of the superior instances claims. The practice and specialized knowledge enable the management of the appeals and the answers at the courts, as well as exploring essential requirements for the receiving of the claims and the client’s pleas. The vast procedural experience of TMLD Advocacy aligned with the technical academic production provides adequate and quick use of the legal instruments to guarantee the effective defence of the clients rights in all instances.

Specialists in Civil Procedural Law, the lawyers at TMLD Advocacy perform detailed study of the Brazilian New Civil Procedure Code to guarantee the best course of action to their clients.