TMLD Advocacy possess an International Law field centre, specialized on foreign services in Brazil and Brazilians with legal issues that involve regulations, agreements, conventions and International Treaties. Situated at the Federal Capital of Brazil, nearby the main public agencies, the office assists private individuals and companies from all over the country and abroad. Send us your questions on your preferred language: English, Spanish, French, Italian or Brazilian Portuguese.

Check out some of our practice:

  • Foreign Judgement Homologation
  • Foreign Consensual Divorce Registration
  • Application and Translation of Documents
  • Acquisition of Foreign Citizenship and International Visas
  • International Legal Cooperation
  • International Travel Permit for Minors
  • Purchase and Lease of Brazilian Land by Foreigners
  • License to Foreigner’s Marriage in Brazil
  • Business opening and investments in Brazil
  • Retirement of Brazilians living abroad
  • Assistance to Foreigners: Visa Acquisition and Naturalization
  • Administrative and Judicial Defence in Exclusion and Extradition Cases
  • Foreigner Extradition Suspension
  • International Kidnapping of Minors
  • International Adoption
  • International Humanitarian Law
  • Refugee Condition Acknowledgement
  • Political Asylum Pleading
  • Follow below more information about our specialties in International Law:

Foreign Judgement Homologation

The office acts on homologation of foreign judgements and extrajudicial cases of consensual divorce registration made abroad, since the preparation phase until the final homologation and registry at the notary office.

International Legal Cooperation

Our lawyers provide counsel on the cases in Brazil and abroad upon International Legal Cooperation together with Justice Ministry and Citizenship through the Department of International Legal Cooperation of the Citizenship and Justice National Agency.


TMLD Advocacy assist Brazilians and foreigners on validating documents through the Electronic System of Information and Application of Haia. The legalization and the certified translation of documents are necessary to obtain Italian citizenship and other foreign nationalities.

Purchase and Lease of Brazilian Land by Foreigners

For foreigners interested in opening a business in Brazil, the office works on the formation of business partnerships according to the national legislation requirements. Most part of the companies are constituted as private limited companies, the quickest and simplest course of action in the country. Besides, it is required physical and website addresses in Brazil, additionally to registration on governmental agencies, commercial registries and notary office.

For foreigners interested on investing in Brazil, it’s required to register on Central Bank of Brazil, together with a national bank account, in order to receive exchange contracts and shipping receipt. The foreign capital register on Electronic Declaratory Register (RDE) and SISBACEN register (IED and ROF) allow the entry of foreign funds and the return abroad of the invested funds in a quick and simple way.

Foreign Statute and Humanitarian International Law

The office provides consultancy to foreigners for work authorizations, visas, revalidation of degree and legal regularizations according to the Statute of the Foreigner in Brazil.

The activities also concern immigration assistance, asylum and expatriate refuge.